27 October 2007

Introduction to Interconnect Technologies

Interconnects are dominating in deep sub micron level VLSI design due to decreasing wire pitch. Increased complexities of circuits die size are also increasing. Planar 2-D ICs may not fulfill the requirement of heterogeneous integration of different technologies in single IC. As technology nodes advanced below 250nm, interconnect delays started dominating heavily. The introduction of Cu/low-k interconnects provided lesser resistivity and hence reduced delay. But in deep submicron domain (bellow 130 nm) even these interconnects added considerable delay due to increased resistivity owing several material limitations. [1-4]. Interconnected related problems like increased delay and power consumption are tackled by 3-D ICs which shorten the total interconnect length. [1][5].This part of the article series discusses these issues mainly based on reference [1].


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[5] Demystifying 3D ICs: The pros and cons of going vertical, http://www.ece.ncsu.edu/muse/papers/dtoc2005.pdf, 9/5/2007

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