06 February 2015

Logical DRC constraints

14.1. Logical DRC constraints

DRC constraints exist in library. DRC constraints can’t be relaxed. They can be chosen from library. These constraints are imposed upon the design by requirements specified in the target technology library. This presides over optimization constraints to realize a functional design.

DRC constraints are:
set_max_fanout : This is the number of loads a pin or port can drive.

set_max_fanout value object_list
# Specifies the max fanout value for ports or on a design. If for a design, it specifies the max fanout for all
# output pins in the design.

set_max_fanout 16 [get_pins UDFT0/JTAG/ZN]
set_max_fanout 50 [current_design]

set_max_transition:  This is the longest time for a transition from logic level 0 to 1 or 1 to 0 for an entire design. “set_max_transition” can also be set on a particular net. If library has a max transition of 3 and if user specifies set_max_transition a value of 2.5 then synthesis tool tries to meet 2.5.

set_max_transition [-clock_path] [-data_path] [-rise] [-fall] value object_list
# Specifies the max transition time on a port or on a design. If for a design, it specifies the max transition #on all pins in a design.

set_max_transition 0.2 UCLKDIV0/QN

set_max_capacitance: This constraint specifies the maximum output capacitance of a cell. The maximim capacitance of the output pin of a driving cell should be greater than or equal to the sum of the capacitance of the pins of driven cells and net capacitance.

 set_max_capacitance value object_list
# Specifies the max capacitance for ports or on a design. If for a design, it specifies the max capacitance #for all pins in the design.

set_max_capacitance 0.2 [current_design]
set_max_capacitance 1 [all_outputs]

“set_max_capacitance” is similar to “set_max_transition”. The difference is “set_max_capacitance” provides an option to directly specify and control the output capacitance which indirectly controls transition. Hence it is enough you specify either of these constraints but not both.

set_min_capacitance value object_list
# Specifies a minimum capacitance value for a port or on pins in design.

set_min_capacitance 0.05 UPHY0/UCNTR/B1

If DRC constraints are not specified, then default values from the library are taken.


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