19 July 2013

.lib: Library level attributes

7.2.2. .lib: Library level attributes

Library level attributes section explains technolgy type, date, revision. It also gives units of volt, amps, time, capacitance etc which are used in the library.


  /* General Attributes */

  technology                        (cmos);

  delay_model                     : table_lookup;

  in_place_swap_mode              : match_footprint;

  library_features                  (report_delay_calculation,report_power_calculation);


  /* Units Attributes */

  time_unit                       : "1ns";

  leakage_power_unit              : "1nW";

  voltage_unit                    : "1V";

  current_unit                    : "1mA";

  pulling_resistance_unit         : "1kohm";

  capacitive_load_unit              (1,ff);

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