12 November 2011

Verilog HDL-Ports


  • Ports provide the interface by which a module can communicate with its environment. (This is how technically it is defined by famous authors !!)
  • Also referred to as terminals. (As per Verilog terminology)

Eg :

module fulladd4(sum,c_out,a,b,c_in); //module with a list of ports

module top;                                        //No list of ports, top level module in simulation

Port Declaration

Keyword             Types of port

input -------------- input port

output ------------- output port

inout -------------- bidirectional port

  • All port declarations are implicitly declared as ‘wire

ANCI C Style Syntax

We define a module in ANCI C style syntax as well.

Eg :-

module fulladd4(output reg [3:0] sum, output reg c_out, input [3:0] a, b, input c_in);




output reg [3:0] sum  ==> represents that “sum” is a 4 bit ( 0 to 3 being bits) output register.

input [3:0] a              ==> “a” is 4 bit (0 to 3 bit) wire;

In both cases 0th bit is LSB whereas 3rd bit is MSB.

Ports of type ‘input’ and ‘inout’ can’t be declared as ‘reg’ because ‘reg’ variables stores values.

Port Connection Rules


  • Internally input ports must always be of the type ‘wire’.
  • Externally , the inputs can be connected to a variable which is a ‘reg’ or a ‘wire’.


  • Internally , output ports can be of the type ‘reg’ or ‘wire
  • Externally they must always be connected to a ‘wire’. They can’t be connected to a reg.


  • Internally inout ports must always be of the type ‘wire
  • Externally inout ports must always be connected to a ‘wire

Width Matching

It is legal to connect internal and external items of different sizes when making intermodule port connections. However, a warming is typically issued that the widths do not match.

Unconnected Ports

Unconnected ports are legal.

Eg.: fulladd fa0 (sum, , A, B, C_in);     //output port C_out is unconnected.

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  • Samir Palnitkar, Verilog HDL A Guide to Digital Design and Synthesis, Second Edition

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