24 July 2014

Broadcom to lay-off

Another lay-off in sight in addition to the big one recently announced by Microsoft - Nokia. Broadcom tried to sell its cellular baseband business, ultimately failed to attract anyone ! Earlier Texas Instrument (TI) closed its OMAP platform. We know it is bad for employees, what about VLSI industry as a whole? Are big guys like Qualcomm establishing its monopoly further? Or is that technology is not growing in tandem with benchmark standards? This is not a trend to welcome !

Broadcom to lay off 2,500 employees

18 March 2014

Constraints: Clock, Logical DRC, Area, Power

14.    Constraints: Clock, Logical DRC, Area, Power

Design constraints are generally specified in “Synopsys Design Constraints” (SDC) form. SDC is very widely used and industry accepted standard for specifying design constraints.

Three types of constraints can be set for the design. They are:

1) Logical DRC constraints
2) Optimization constraints
3) Environmental constraints.