13 July 2013

Technology libraries :.lib

1.     Technology libraries :.lib

Technology library is a collection gates along with characteristics information of it. Technology libraries are provided by fabrication house (such as TSMC, UMC etc.) based on technology of manufacturing. Thus technology libraries contain information about the characteristics and functions of each logic cell provided in a semiconductor vendor’s library.  Technology libraries are distributed and maintained by semiconductor vendors (i.e. fabrication houses).
Thus a standard logic cell library consists of:
Ø  Logic cells of varied drive strength
Ø  Logic cells of varied number of inputs.
Ø  Inverters and buffers with equal rise and fall delay.
Ø  Complex cells such as AOI, OAI
Ø  Variety of both +ve and –ve edge triggered flip flops with different drive strengths,  set reset options
Ø  special cells: clock gating, Isolation, AOB etc.

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