14 July 2013

Verifying High Speed Peripheral IPs


by Sreekanth Ravindran and Chakravarthi M.G., Mobiveil
High speed serial interconnect bus fabric is the SoC backbone, managing dataflow and keeping up with the dynamic bandwidth requirements of high speed applications. Verification of high speed interconnect IPs presents critical challenges not only in terms of complying with standards, but also in ensuring that the design is robust and flexible enough to handle and manage a large amount of time-critical data transfers. Acquiring such expertise requires years of verification experience. In this article, Silicon IP and platform enabled solution provider Mobiveil shares its story of verifying high speed bus protocol standards like PCI Express and Serial RapidIO, including what considerations are required when verifying high speed designs. In addition, Mobiveil highlights the benefits of using the Mentor Graphics Questa Verification Platform, including Questa Advanced Simulator, Questa CoverCheck, and Questa Clock-Domain Crossing (CDC) Verification, which together facilitates smart functional verification, debug and reporting of the high speed designs....
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