09 June 2009

Free download: OpenSPARC 64 bit processor and Nangate 45nm Open Cell Library

OpenSPARC is free 64 bit processor provided by Sun Microsystems. They are available in two flavours:

  • A 64-bit, 32 Thread Chip Multithreaded Microprocessor
  • A 64-bit, 64 Thread Chip Multithreaded Microprocessor

These processors (RTL source files) can be downloaded from OpenSPARC website.

06 June 2009

Timing paths

Timing Path
Timing path is defined as the path between start point and end point where start point and end point is defined as follows:
Start Point:
All input ports or clock pins of a sequential element are considered as valid start point.
End Point:
All output port or D pin of sequential element is considered as End point.