06 December 2007


Convolution between two finite sequences


Convolution of two signals is defined as y (n) =x (n)*h (n) =∑ x (k)*h (n-k), upper limit=∞, lower limit =0

1. Input the signal sequence x(n)

2. Input the signal sequence h(n)

3. Convolve the both sequence by making use of the MATLB function "conv(x,h)" where x and h are the sequences to be convolved


x = input(' Enter the sequence x(n) : ');

h = input (' Enter the sequence h(n) : ');

y= conv(x,h); %Do the convolution operation

plot (y);

xlabel('time index n');

yalabel(' y(n) ');

title(' convolution of x(n) and h(n) ');

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