11 October 2007

Verification Interview Questions

  • What are different types of timing verifications?
  • What is the difference between Formal verification and Logic verification?
  • What are stuck-at faults?
  • What is meant by ATPG?
  • What is the difference between verification and validation? And what are procedures of doing the same?
  • What is the difference between testing and verification?
  • For f = AB+CD if B is S-a-1, what r the test vectors needed to detect the fault?
  • Explain about stuck at fault models, scan design, BIST and IDDQ testing?
  • For an AND-OR implementation of a two input Mux, how do you test for Stuck-At-0 and Stuck-At-1 faults at the internal nodes? (You can expect a circuit with some redundant logic)

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