19 January 2017

AtopTech No More?

EDA giant Synopsys sued AtopTech alleging patent infringement. After loosing battle AtopTech filed for bankruptcy.

ATopTech, Inc. Initiates Voluntary Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Protection Proceeding

It all started very promisingly.
EDA place-and-route startup ATopTech out of the gates with Broadcom win

But Synopsys doesn't like AtopTech using it's flagship PrimeTime report formats (and may be many more than this) in its tools. They decided to discuss the stuff in court and finally Judge/s gave the judgement in favor of Synopsys.
Synopsys, Inc. v. Atoptech, Inc, No. 3:2013cv02965 - Document 874 (N.D. Cal. 2016)

Read above document, it is pretty interesting, you won't find often VLSI in law schools and books, but here it is !

And now AtopTech website also doesn't work ! It shows some "Syntax Error", in typical style of EDA tool. Then how Aprisa can work !!

Thanks for reading !

Update 23rd Feb 2017:
Atoptech website is accessible now.