14 July 2013

Making it Easy to Deploy the UVM


by Gaurav Jalan, SmartPlay Technologies, and Pradeep Salla, Mentor Graphics
Until recently, the semiconductor industry religiously followed Moore's Law by doubling the number of transistors on a given die approximately every two years. This predictable growth allowed ecosystem partners to plan and deal with rising demands on tools, flows and methodologies. Then came the mobile revolution, which opened up new markets and further shifted the industry's focus to consumers. The diversified nature of this market posed many, often conflicting development challenges: How to speed time to market while building products rich in functionality? How to boost performance while keeping both power consumption and cost at modest levels? Wading through these questions contributed to a multifold increase in verification complexity....
Read complete article from Mentor Graphics:  QVM: Enabling Organized, Predictable, and Faster Verification Closure

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