14 July 2013

Making it Easy to Deploy the UVM

by Dr. Christoph Sühnel, frobas GmbH

The Universal Verification Methodology (UVM) is becoming the dominant approach for the verification of large digital designs. However, new users often express concern about the effort required to generate a complete and useful UVM testbench. But the practical experience collected in numerous OVM and UVM projects during the last few years shows a different view. The UVM is a very suitable methodology for any kind of design and implementation, i.e. ASIC and FPGA due to the availability of the UVM library and the well-defined testbench structure. This allows the automation of essential steps in employing the UVM.
This article describes an UVM approach reducing testbench implementation effort, guaranteeing an early success and streamlining the processing of the test results. Depending on the number of functional interfaces and the design complexity up to 6 weeks of implementation effort or even more can be saved. A runnable UVM testbench will be handed over to the verification team at the very beginning of the project. The verification engineers have to implement only the corresponding drivers, monitors and functional coverage models. Later on the scoreboards needed have to be architected and implemented.....
Read complete article from Mentor Graphics:  Making it Easy to Deploy the UVM

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