14 July 2013

An Up-sized DAC Issue Takes the Stage


by Tom Fitzpatrick, Editor and Verification Technologist, Mentor Graphics Corporation
Building a theater set is not unlike what we do as verification engineers. It involves modeling the "real world," often at a higher level of abstraction, and it has hard deadlines. "The show must go on," after all. Productivity is also key because all of us building the set are volunteers. We reuse set pieces whenever we can, whether it's something we built for a past production or something we borrowed from a neighboring group. And we often have to deal with shifting requirements when the director changes his mind about something during rehearsals. Oh, and it also involves tools – lots of tools. However, there is one important way in which set construction is different from verification. Those of us building theater sets know our work only has to stay up for two weeks and that no one in the audience is going to see it from closer than thirty feet away. In contrast, all engineers know the chips they verify must work a lot longer under much closer scrutiny. .....
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