01 December 2011

Synopsys Acquires Magma Design Automation

Well...... Finally the predicted is happening ! EDA major Synopsys is acquiring Magma Design Automation.
Here is the press release: Synopsys to Acquire Magma Design Automation

 I don't find any value addition to Synopsys due to this acquisition except that Magma may have some market share in Analog EDA space (ofcourse.. I am not sure !) which will come under Synopsys.  For Magma folks they can expect some lay-offs as it happened when Synopsys acquired Virage Logic. Probably now it is the tussle between Synopsys, Cadence, Mentor. I believe they can coexist since each company has different business model and diversified interests. Goldtime was promising in STA domain with its MCMM capability (as I heard in designers space), and Synopsys again wanted to maintain its dominance with PrimeTime engulfed GoldTime !! I can see some EDA startups like Atoptech are peeping from the distance !!!

Some time back I was interacting with Magma AEs. They were explaining about the Talus capability to run PrimeTime and SDC commands directly in talus without even converting into native Magma 'mtcl' format. In that session I expressed my prediction "Days are not far ahead when Synopsys acquires magma". Magma AE replied candidly "They can acquire only to kill us".

Personally and designers point of view I am happy I will get rid of $l and $m that i needed to put along with each talus commands. And there are lesser tools to learn ! Many who like Magma may need to find new love !


  1. If you were involved in making pricing decisions for your company, you wouldnt be talking like this. Magma tools were significantly cheaper!!

  2. By June/July 2012 there may not be anymore Lava to flow, Volcanos to errupt !!

  3. A few dollars in $l and $m were saving your company a few thousand dollars elsewhere :P


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