14 April 2009

System on Chip article links

Recently i came across some System on Chip (SoC) design related articles from design-reuse website. Enjoy good reading:

Getting the most from multiprocessor SoC design

SoC integration complexities rise

Challenges in developing a reusable IP core USB OTG IP case study

A Platform Based SoC Design Environment

Verification of IP Core Based SoC's

Analog IP Integration in SoC: Challenges and Solutions

Interface Synthesis in Multiprocessing Systems-On-Chips

Techniques for energy-efficient SoC design

Using a Versatile, Independent IP Platform for SoC Design

Meeting the challenges of 90nm SoC design

Top-down SoC Design Methodology

Benefits, risks in 90-nm SoC solutions

A Design of System on a Chip for Voice over Wireless LAN

SoC IP Interfaces and Infrastructure -- A Hybrid Approach

A PowerPC SOC IO Processor for RAID applications

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