16 April 2009

CoreConnect Bus and AMBA Bus Specification Resources

"CoreConnect" and "AMBA" are the two prominent bus architectures used in System on Chip designs. These architectures define technology independent standard bus protocol methodologies for easy integration of IPs within a System on Chip design. "CoreCOnnect" is mainly developed by IBM and integral part of PowerPC processor based System on Chip designs.

CoreConnect bus architecture has three parts:

1. PLB: Processor Local Bus
2. OPB: On chip Peripheral Bus
3. DCR: Device Control Register Bus

These specifications can be downloaded from IBM website.

"AMBA" stands for "Advanced Microcontroller (Microprocessor) Bus Architecture". AMBA specifiation is developed by ARM and extensively used in ARM based System on Chip designs.

AMBA has different versions as listed below from the lowest version:

1. ASP: AMBA Advanced System Bus
2. APB: AMBA Advanced Peripheral Bus
3. AHB: AMBA Advanced High performance Bus
4. AXI: AMBA Advanced eXtensible Interface

You can download AMBA specifications from ARM website also. You have to create an user account and follow the instructions.

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