11 October 2007

Layout Inerview Questions

  • When doing layout for digital circuits what are the design techniques one should follow?
  • What is the purpose of DRC?
  • What is LVS and why do we do that?
  • What is the difference between LVS and DRC?
  • Draw the layout the 3 input NAND gate.
  • What is transistor sizing? Where we use it? Why is it important?
  • Draw the cross section of an inverter and show all the capacitances on it and reason for those capacitances?
  • Describe the latch-up effect.
  • What are tri-state buffers?
  • What will be the voltage at the output node of a tri-state buffer in its high impedance state? Draw input and output waveform.
  • What is charge sharing?
  • What is electron migration effect and explain methods to avoid it.
  • What is dynamic logic?
  • Draw the 6 transistor SRAM cell. Explain how the reading and writing is done in it?
  • Explain about trip point.
  • What is the effect of increase in the number of contacts and vias in the interconnect layers?
  • How does the resistance of the metal layer vary with increasing thickness and increasing length?
  • If the current thru the poly is 20nA and the contact can take a max current of 10nA how would u overcome the problem?
  • Who provides the DRC rules?

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