11 October 2007

FPGA Interview Questions

  • What is minimum and maximum frequency of DCM in spartan-3 series FPGA?

  • List some of constraints you used and their purpose during your design?

  • What is the size of bitmap with changing gate count?

  • What are different types of FPGA programming modes? How to change from one to another?

  • List out some important features of FPGA.

  • List out some of synthesizable and non synthesizable constructs?

  • Draw general structure of FPGA?

  • What is the difference between FPGA and CPLD?

  • What is DCM? Why they are used?

  • Draw FPGA design flow. Explain each step. What is input and output from each step?

  • What is slice, CLB, LUT?

  • Is it possible to configure CLB as RAM?

  • What is purpose of a constraint file? What is its extension?

  • How you will choose an FPGA?

  • How clock is routed through out FPGA?

  • What are difference between PLL and DLL ?

  • What is soft processor?

  • What is hard processor?

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